Qi Flow Meditation


In This simple meditation you adopt one of the basic Qigong positions and then allow your mind to become aware of the sensation of Qi, wherever it arises in your body. The aim of this meditation is to progress from an awareness of the random and uncontrolled nature of your Qi flow, to an ability to bring it under the control of your mind intent.

Adopt the Wu Qi (starting position) posture and hold for a minute or so. Once you have settled, bring your hands up to the level of the upper chest as if you were holding a large beach ball against the chest. Those who take my Qigong class will know this posture as the opening posture of Empty Force Three. The length of time you can hold this posture will depend on practice, but work toward about ten minutes if possible. If you practice daily you can achieve this. Your breathing should be slow and rhythmical, as in the previous “Dan Tien” meditation.

After a minute or two you should become conscious of sensations in your body – especially in your arms and the palms of your hands. Be aware of these sensations without focusing on any particular one. After a few minutes of this meditation, focus your mind on an area where you are particularly aware of Qi activity – it may feel warm, tingly, itchy, cold, etc. There are no “right” or “wrong” indications of this activity, so simply be aware of what it feels like for you. As you focus your attention more and more, be aware that you are bringing your mind to bear on the Qi flow smoothly through the meridians, nourishing every part of the body. With every in-breath you are directing the Qi along the meridians, and with every out-breath you are drawing it forward, thus creating a coherent flow between the in-breath (where the Qi flows from the universe into the body) and the out breath (where the stale and spent Qi leaves the body and returns to the universal source).


Allow yourself to maintain this focus for as long as you can, and as you end the meditation and draw your arms back to the Wu Qi position, simply hand over control of the Qi through your body to the perfect mind intent of your higher self. This can be a very energizing and powerful meditation, building on the realization that the Qi flow is the life blood of not only your body but the whole universe as well.