Qigong Healing


Qigong Healing is a fascinating area of Chinese medical practice. In this process, the practitioner guides his or her own Qi, emitted through key acupuncture points in the body, to enhance Qi flow in the patient. In many instances, this is done without any physical contact. Several quite specific hand gestures are used in order to emit Qi. Central to Qigong healing is the practitioner’s own strong and robust energy system, which will have been developed by practicing many of the Qigong exercises and postures already discussed on previous pages. There is a growing body of literature and evidence from China regarding the emission and guidance of Qi and how this can be focused onto the patient in order to facilitate his or her Qi balance and redress any apparent disharmony.


It is likely that many of the techniques ascribed to the “laying on of hands” or “distance healing” (in western context) can be attributed to a process of energetic transfer between practitioner and patient, which balances the underlying Qi flow and helps clear disharmonies. Chinese medicine offers the most comprehensive theoretical articulation of what happens during the process.


Chinese medicine operates at an energetic level and produces changes at a physical level. I have no doubt the Qi emission and guideance are real. These healing techniques require a deep understanding of the Chinese system of medicine, and specific training. When considering Qigong healing, remember that powerful energetic forces are involved, consequently, you need to feel confident about the qualifications and experience of the practitioner