Dan Tien Focus Meditation


The Dan Tien meditation can be performed in any classic static Qigong posture, or when seated comfortably with the back erect and the top of the head level with the floor. I like to do this meditation in the basic Wu Qi posture. Those who take my classes will know this as the “starting position”.


Begin the Dan Tien Meditation by adopting the Wu Qi stance – body erect but not stiffly upright, feet shoulder width apart, toes pointed straight forward, legs bent very slightly at the knees. This posture is fundamental to Qigong practice, and there is much to be gained from using it for this simple  Dan Tien meditation.


Once you have settled into the basic posture, begin to become aware of your breathing. As you breathe in through your nose, be aware of your abdomen expanding; and as you breathe out, be aware of it contracting. Focus your attention on your lower Dan Tien (the navel center). This area – the Qihai or “Sea of Qi” – is the major reservoir of Qi in the body and links into the main distribution channels.


As you breathe in, imagine fresh Qi from the universe entering your body and flowing into the Qihai. On the out-breath, imagine the spent Qi leaving the body and reuniting with the universe, where it will ultimately be renewed. Hold that image for at least ten minutes and be aware of the power of the Qi  you are storing in your body. At the end of the meditation, simply allow your focus to leave the lower Dan Tien and return gently to an awareness of the rest of your body. As with all these meditations, if you cannot manage ten minutes at first, simply meditate as long as you feel comfortable and then gradually increase the time. With practice it is quite possible to stand in this meditative state for half an hour or longer.